‘My way or the high way’

Has anyone else noticed how judgemental people in the fitness world are about people who don’t train the way that they train?

I was reading some instagram posts today on various topics, weight training, pole fitness etc and the key theme that often came up was the opinion that people believe their way is right and they aren’t prepared to hear anything different. I’ve noticed this comes down to trainers as well as individuals. They will explain all the reasons why any other form of exercise is the worst possible thing someone could do because their way is the only way forward! Why can’t people just accept that everyone trains in a different way? What works for some doesn’t work for others? What some people like others don’t like? Its like marmite, you love something or you hate it.

For me I hate anything like yoga thats calming and you need to lie still and ‘calm’ your mind with because I can’t do that, thats not me. But I love going all out hard in a spin class. Equally the idea of being in a small more ‘masculine’ weights gym terrifies me, I’m much more comfortable somewhere big where I feel invisable!

I admire crossfit participants I don’t feel it is something that would work for me personally but that doesnt mean I shout about that being ‘wrong’ to people who do crossfit, infact I’m usually found admiring their physique and strength, like the lovely Georgina who looks absolutely stunning and can lift some awesome weights!

Some people only cycle, run, walk, dance, swim, row, play a sport etc. They don’t do anything other than that because they believe that is what works best for them, or because that is what they enjoy. Theres no way you’d catch me  running around a hockey pitch or in a rowing boat but that doesn’t mean I think thats wrong.

So why is it the fitness industry in general can’t just accept that what is ‘best’ is different for everyone?


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