Pre Race Sleep!

Anyone who knows me knows I love my sleep. I don’t function at all well without it, to the point that it can have a huge impact on my mental health. Therefore when it comes to racing and training I always make a point to get a decent nights sleep the night before (child dependant!).

For that reason when I’ve gone away for races the past couple of years I have always slept in a hotel rather than camping! Rat Race Dirty Weekend has a brilliant reputation for camping however it doesn’t sound like many people get much sleep! And ahead of a 20 mile 200 obstacle race I couldn’t function like that!

When the RunStock race was announced I decided that being July I was keen to give camping a try! We ended up getting a double air bed which was certainly better than sleeping on the floor or a camp bed. But pillow wise I wish I had taken my own, camping pillows just don’t cut it! The actual campsite though wasn’t a problem, possibly because it was full of families and the way we pitched our tent meant we had cars on two sides, a huge gap on another and one tent the other side so we weren’t on top of anyone else!

Am I camping convert as a result? No absolutely not! I woke up numerous times during the night because I was uncomfortable and I certainly didn’t feel rested. Will most definitely be sticking to my tried and tested method of sleeping in my own bed or in hotels in future!


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