Man V mountain training update

So a while ago I mentioned that I was training for man v mountain. We are now into the final third of the training plan so I thought I’d do a little update on how it has gone so far.

Honestly it hasn’t gone great. I’ve struggled to stick to the plan. Being a mum means the final few weeks of school were filled with assemblies, sports days, cake sales etc as well as meetings it was hard to fit the training in around these. That and July saw a few events including Newham 10km, Mens health survival of the fittest and Runstock! I have managed to do a couple of long runs and a few of the hill sessions but I don’t think I have done a single week where I have managed every run on the plan.

I did one hill session out in windsor great park and that worked well although I was self conscious of the people walking past wondering what the heck I was doing! But I’ve since done two in the gym and tbh on the treadmill it was somewhat easier as I had to keep a steady pace. Unless I sneakily hit the button to slow it down!

This plan is to time and that’s been tough mentally as I don’t feel I’ve been going far enough. For runstock last weekend it was the day that I was due to do a 2.5hr run so I ran that and a bit more. In the end I did 18 miles. That feels much better for the length of man f mountain than the 15ish I was at around th 2.5hr mark!

I’m anxious about the race as its one I am doing solo. And it’s more of an ‘adventure’ race so to do it solo feels s bit odd. It’s the sort of thing I’d usually do with someone and instead I’m going to be spending s day pushing myself up Snowdon!

It’s  coming around fast now and I still have things to buy from my kit list! Namely a taped seams raincoat!


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