Exercise self consciousness

It occurred to me yesterday that I am incredibly self conscious of people close to me seeing me exercise. Now this is a bit strange seeing as I will quite happily go to classes such as spin, body pump, boot camp etc and workout with strangers and with friends. And I will go to the gym and workout with my few gym buddies quite happily.

It’s also strange because I will often post selfies when I am either post workout or when I am working out. Sometimes il even include a little video although these are usually timelapse do they are so fast you can’t really see the form etc!

But I’ve noticed I have a reluctance to do it around my friends and family and I’m not really sure why!

The first morning of our holiday I did a quick workout in a quiet corner of the cottage whilst my mum was in the shower and the kids were busy playing. And last night I did my circuits when the kids were outside playing with their grandad and my mum was engrossed in a book!

This morning I did a workout in the back patio. Little man was watching me but he’s only 5. He’s not going to comment on what I’m doing. But I knew my dad was in the kitchen and I felt aware of that. And it turned out he took some sneaky pictures without me knowing!

But I think that’s exactly what the issue is. I’m concerned about people commenting. Whether good or bad I guess. I know I don’t take compliments well so they scare me and equally I worry about being told I look awful or what I’m doing isn’t going to work etc and so I don’t want to hear that because I worry it will put me off!

The reality is no one has ever passed comment on anything bad. PTs I’ve worked with have always commented on good form etc so it’s not like I have anything negative to go on. PE at school I always just kept my head down and tried to not get noticed.


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