Snapchat vs Insta Stories

I’ve used snapchat on and off for the past few years. I used to have a friend that I spent all day snap chatting. It was pretty much how we talked most of the time. Sending each other stupid pictures and having conversations with them. Then I went off it for a while and recently I came back to it to see what the filters were all about.

Not only filters but I discovered that there were stories. And little stories from magazines and websites such as buzzfeed and Mashable that changed every day. I also love watching the stories of some of my favourite fitspiration like Carly rowena, Cat – Imperfect Matter and Fitcetera.


Filters hiding the bags under my eyes and all the spots!

I also love how depending on where you are in London you get different filters. And how you can make a story of your whole day and save it. Little things like that make all the difference. It’s relevant. Updated daily and always relates to he latest trends and news.

And then recently one morning I woke up to discover Instagram were copying! Mind blowing! Suddenly Instagram was no longer just photos or short videos but now it was also snapchat too.

Now my first Instagram issue at the moment is the fact the time line is no longer a timeline. Like what hell Instagram? I can’t log off for 3 hours then back track to where I last was anymore. It sucks! The new way of doing Instagram is pants. I don’t know what the algorithm is but it was quite telling this morning when after unfollowing about 100+ people last night my timeline was suddenly totally different today! Faces u haven’t seen in weeks suddenly reappeared.

And secondly Instagram stories. So they only last 24hours…. Like snapchat. You can comment on them but it sends it as a private message which personally isn’t a feature I have ever really used on Instagram that much other than with close family and friends! So it just feels a bit weird to comment on someone’s story for it to go as a private message! The filters are just a bit meh!  So you just look rough as hell rather than pretty with a bunch of gold butterflies around your head or like a dog. Literally.


No pretty crown?

Viewer wise though there’s a distinct difference. Now obviously followers on both will make a difference but I have over 1000 followers on Instagram and a lot less on snapchat. When I look at how many people have viewed the snaps a significantly higher amount are viewing the Instagram stories than the snapchat ones but I just prefer snapchat!
So for the time being I think I’m going to primarily stick with snapchat on the most part and occasionally use insta stories if I feel like using them!

What do you think? Snapchat? Insta Stories? Both? None? 

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