Aerial Hoop – A new hobby!

A few weeks ago my studio where I do pole dancing lessons put up that there was a beginners exam for aerial hoop that needed to be filmed and volunteers were required. The word free caught my eye and before I knew it I was one of those volunteers.

I have admired friends show off what they know on the hoop for months and have always wanted to get around to trying it myself. I just hadn’t. It looked scary the way the hoop moved! Pole doesn’t, it stays in one vertical position!

The night came and in the opposite to pole we were recommended to have full length leggings on and thick socks or leg warmers. A contrast to pole where you need as few clothes as possible to stick to the pole! It was a hot night so I found the thinest pair of leggings I could! Our instructor ran through the moves we would be doing for filming so we had a rough idea and then we did the filming.

After an hour as we wrapped up the filming there were three distinct thoughts I had.

One, my hands were on fire! The hoops are wrapped in tape to help you with the grip and getting up into them isn’t exactly easy. The palms of my hands were literally swollen!
14067471_10157393293160374_2998884659544838944_nTwo, my upper body had worked alot more than it does in pole! Obviously in pole you do use your upper body but this is different. To sit up in the hoop we were hanging from our legs and then bouncing ourselves up into sitting position relying on the strength in our arms and core to get us upright!

Pulling yourself up from here = TOUGH!
Pulling yourself up from here = TOUGH!

Three, hoops move! Trying to mount a hoop without sending it swinging in a Miley Cyrus Wrecking ball video style was HARD! As a poler I am used to a real ‘kick’ to get myself inverted but hoop requires a real core strength to just lift your legs up and over your head! A strength I don’t get have!

Overall though just one hour of hoop saw me totally hooked! I am really hoping that I will be able to find time when the kids are back to school to squeeze in learning hoop as well as pole because it was just awesome!




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