When training plans don’t go to plan!

I wrote a few weeks ago about Man V Mountain training starting and how I wasn’t too sure how a time based plan was going to suit me. And how I much prefer to stick to a plan rigidly.

Well. Lets just say that I didnt stick to it rigidly! The first 4 weeks I managed a half decent training plan, those were still in the school term so childcare wasn’t an issue. But from the second half of the next four weeks the kids were off school and so it became more of a challenge to fit in running. My mum does alot in terms of looking after the boys for me when I have appointments or interviews etc so I always feel bad to ask her to have them whilst I run too.

I have continued with my pole fitness and I’ve been doing Julia Buckleys Fat Burn Revolution program which I’ve been able to squeeze in at home doing the workouts whilst the kids are on the trampoline or swings in the garden, so I am not unfit. But I have to admit knowing I haven’t trained the way I usually would for an event like Man V Mountain is making me extra nervous about this Saturdays attempt to climb up Snowdon! This is not being helped by the current forecast of rain and storms! Just to add to the difficulties! Because climbing up a mountain isn’t hard enough let alone in the rain and wind and cold temperatures!

Mentally I’m not in the strongest place I have ever been which is not helping how I feel about the event. I am hoping that once I get going I will find the pace of one foot in front of the other. One of my other friends who has done it suggested focusing on the quiet and beautiful surroundings so I figure its probably a good time to try the mindfulness I’ve been trying to work on too!

Either way my goal is to cross that finish line, even if I’m crawling!

Wish me luck!



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