Graduating from Pole Beginners!

I’ve written about starting pole before and how much I was enjoying it. Well a couple of weeks ago I cracked out all the required beginners moves which means I am now moving to Intermediate 1, my first class is tonight! EEK!

I went to my first class on 2nd March and almost exactly 6 months later I am moving up to Intermediates 1!

I’ve learnt so much and gained so much in terms of strength and my own confidence. I’ve managed moves I didn’t think I would be able to do! At my first lesson I managed to invert and from there I was able to slowly but surely progress onwards!


For a long time this was my nemesis move, crossing that knee over just didn’t come very naturally to me but one day it just clicked.


I’ve always been able to do this quite easily. I’ve enjoyed it and found it my ‘easy’ move. Now its been about getting more flexibility in my hip.


This took a lot of guts to try. The first few attempts at trying to push my feet down and hips up was really tough and often involved having my instructor holding my feet downwards but eventually I’ve got there with it slowly but surely!


This has got to be one of the most painful moves! Some weeks I just cannot make myself do it! I find sits in general incredibly painful and so getting this sit to then layback is really tough for me, and it requires core strength! I couldn’t believe it when I first managed to do it but I’ve slowly got better and better at it and I think it looks really pretty.

But now its time to move on up and learn new moves, learn how to do them, develop them, get stronger. I am excited for the new challenge!



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