10 Reasons to do a Tough Mudder

10 days ago I did my second Tough Mudder. This earnt me my second headband! And meant I could skip Electro shock therapy and instead get to jump off onto a giant air pillow! I generally like Tough Mudder. It is very big and corporate as well as being generally hugely americanised but it is a great day out! So I thought I’d share 10 reasons why you should give one a try!

  1. The perfect race if your new to Mud and Obstacles! – Tough Mudder is very beginner friendly. They make it clear at the start that you should not attempt anything you are not happy to try. The signage at all the obstacles is extremely clear including how deep the water is at any obstacles featuring water making it easier for those who are non-swimmers. The volunteers are also super friendly and full of beans in general. They aren’t forceful if you don’t want to try an obstacle either.
  2. Teamwork – OCR in general is about team work but Tough Mudder really emphasis this. They have obstacles which you will only complete with teamwork such as Pyramid scheme which is just a damn good laugh. And everest which totally requires strangers at the top grabbing you and pulling you up!
  3. Bragging rights – Everyone has heard of Tough Mudder. If you say ‘I did an OCR’ at the weekend and then explain what it was chances are if the person has never heard of it before they are going to say ‘oh like a tough mudder’. Its a race everyone has heard of!
  4. Free pictures – A rarity in OCR scenes but seeing as the price of some things when it comes to Tough Mudder I think its only fair they do give you free pics. Make the most of it and pose away to your hearts content with every camera you see!
  5. Not much mud! – In both the Tough Mudders I have done neither has been in a massively muddy boggy location. The running sections have all been on terrain such as woodland trails or grass. The only mud has been in areas like Mud Mile, which isn’t actually a mile so don’t worry!
  6. Its not about time! – Tough Mudder isn’t timed. Its basically the only event I know of that doesn’t provide chip timing. Of course you can time yourself but they state on the start line its a challenge and not a race. I’d love to say that its a less competitive event that way but you still get some people who think its a race!
  7. Laughing – I don’t think I’ve ever done an OCR that hasn’t involved fits of giggles at some stage but Tough Mudders provide plenty of those opportunities thanks to people falling over as they aren’t used to the terrain, laughing at how muddy your getting, or completing obstacles in a funny way, or even just laughing at other people who are attempting to complete the course in a crazy outfit! At London South we had a rugby team who spent the whole route throwing the ball around to each other!
  8. Talking to strangers – Ok so maybe not everyones cup of tea but I am a total chatter. I love chatting to strangers and finding out why they are doing things and how they got here. At London South we got chatting to a group of middle aged guys who had never done an event like this before and were wondering why they were doing it. You hear great stories around the route!
  9. It gives you a goal – Maybe your training has got a bit static, or your bored with road running. Training for a tough mudder requires more than just running. Yes thats helpful but you also want to work on your upper body strength. That being said I know plenty of people who have completed Tough Mudder with no training at all so it isnt essential!
  10. BIG obstacles – I’ve done ALOT of OCR races. It has gotten to the point with some races where they think more obstacles are better and so put boring things in like dozens of crawls, or logs to climb over – you get the idea. At Tough Mudder however although theres a smaller amount of obstacles the ones they have are great generally. King of the Swingers, Block Ness Monster, Everest and many more!

So next year why not set yourself a new challenge and go earn your orange headband?



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