Fitness Rockstars!

A few weeks ago an opportunity came up to work with Julia Buckley and her online gym. She has set up a group of Fitness Rockstars. But what are Rockstars I hear you ask, well:

The Fitness Rockstars are a collective of people with a mission to make the world a healthier, happier place.

We’re not professional athletes, or even what many would consider typical “fitness people”, but we all appreciate the privilege of having the ability to move our bodies and we’ve all experienced having our worlds rocked by the astounding difference fitness and health has made to our lives.

Neither are we celebrities, or in a position to spread our message to millions of people, but if something we post can help light the fuse that helps anyone to discover myriad of amazing benefits of doing what takes to be fit and strong which ripple out into all areas of life, then we’ll feel like stars for sure.

To help the fitness rockstars get to know each other and so that we can all find out a bit more about it each other Julia set us a little interview, heres mine!

1. For me, fitness is all about: Keeping me mentally sane. Staying active has huge benefits to my mental health, as I wrote about recently here. I get those feel good hormones when I do a workout, and the positive effects stay with me throughout the day. 

2. I get most excited to do my workout when: it involves pole! I love my pole workouts, seeing the progression I make, learning new moves. I was never good at any kind of sports but pole is something where I see myself improving and it makes me want to push myself harder in the gym because I know the results will pay off in my pole skills. 

3. When a workout really pushes me to my limit, I think to myself: ‘Thats going to hurt tomorrow’ – I am the sort of person that gets DOMS in a major way. I’ve learnt ways to try and improve them such as making sure I do stretch well and foam roller straight after a workout as well as taking on protein but sometimes those DOMS do still occur!

4. I’m most likely to skip my workout if: I haven’t had enough sleep. I need sleep. I can’t cope without it. Luckily for me I have a son who thinks 3.30 is a great time to start the day sometimes. Those occasional days are days I might skip a workout but its rare for me. I’m more likely to have a nap and then do the workout!

5. In a group fitness session I’ll be the one who: Is rolling their eyes when the instructor gives a extreme move! Like the other week when doing pump and at the end of the tricep track our instructor said their were 16 dips. My arms could have cried!

6. The item of exercise equipment I’d most hate to go without is: Now thats quite a tough one! My immediate thought is a pole! But its not very conventional. Aside from that I would go with my exercise ball as it can be used in so many ways, especially for abs.

7. The last thing I usually do before starting my workout is: Take a selfie? Hehe! Ok not always! But if you follow my snapchat chances are there could be a selfie there! But the one thing I do always do is checkout my plan. I normally have them typed up on my phone notes so I know whats coming.

8. My top 5 workout music tracks are: I actually rarely listen to music when I exercise so this ones quite hard. Because I do alot of strength work in the gym I just find the cord gets in my way! Maybe I should invest in wireless headphones! My tracks however would be as follows:
John Newman – Not giving in (One of my favourite running tracks!)
Mint Royale – Singing in the rain,
Bastille – Wild World,
Justin Timberlake – Can’t stop the feeling,
Fallout Boy – Immortals.
A bit of a random selection hehe!

9. If I start feeling meh about fitness I give myself a boost by: doing something different. This is where pole came from. I was getting fed up with the same old workouts, I get bored of routines VERY quickly and so pole filled that gap!

10. The most important thing I’ve learned about fitness in the last year is: don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone has a different ability and is at a different place. We all have different diets and sleep hours, different workouts. Nothing is the same so comparing yourself to that skinny girl in the gym is worthless. She might just have a fast metabolism. Or she might have worked her absolute butt off to get where she is now. 

If you want to find out about more of my fellow rockstars search the hashtag #FitnessRockstars on instagram/twitter/facebook and you will be able to find some of the other inspiring women!

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2 thoughts on “Fitness Rockstars!

  1. I loved reading this because some of my answers are very similar-I forget how good fall out boy is to work out too!
    I’ve never tried pole, however, I see so many people absolutely loving it and I think it’s incredible how strong many women who take the classes are.
    Definitely one to consider in the future 🙂

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