Race Report : Mens Health SOTF Nottingham

Anyone who knows me knows that I love the Mens Health series of events. Road running plus obstacles! My favourite! Last weekend I took on Nottingham  Mens Health, I hadn’t done it before and this time unlike Cardiff I hadn’t checked out any videos for any clues as to what was in store! So it was all a complete surprise. I stayed in Nottingham the night before and had just a 10 minute walk to the event village. It was a crisp morning and I had originally planned to run in vest and shorts but whilst waiting around in the event village popped on my base layer! I am torn if I actually needed it or not, at times I was too hot and could have done without it but the few times there were queues it was beneficial.

Running alone didn’t bother me. I’m super chatty to strangers anyway so nattered to loads of people around the course and met some fellow Muddy Race runners too as I had my vest on.

The course itself had quite a few LONG sections of running which was quite frustrating as it meant the obstacles were all grouped together. We had the usual fun obstacles including the airbag jump and the water slide as well as the travelator which this time took two attempts and a helping hand from a marshall to get up! My legs just didn’t have anything left for that final push!

We also took in the steps of Nottingham Forests football stadium, how fun when you’ve already done 8km! NOT! And we ran around the Water Sports Centre but unfortunately were unable to do any water obstacles here due to water testing that week.

I won’t babble on too much as this time I video’d it and so I shall let the video do the talking.


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