Mens Health Survival of the Fittest – Manchester – Race Report

Having completed London, Cardiff, Nottingham and Edinburgh last weekend it was time for the final event of the series. Manchester. When I signed up at the start of the year Rat Race had on their website their old info which stated if you did them all you got a souvenir hoodie. Prior to Manchester I got in contact to find out the details as I hadn’t heard anymore and couldn’t find anything on the website. The answer I got was

This was in place in previous years as part of the full monty package. We have not, however, run this package for 2016 as it was replaced with a higher value season ticket offer.

*Rolls eyes*

^ that is all I’m going to say for now, theres another blog post to come about said Season ticket and if I will be getting another one.

Anyway back to Manchester, this event had parking but it was a good distance from the event village with no signage, so it was follow the people who look like they are doing it and hope they know where we are going kind of job. Eventually we found it in the shadows of the Etihad stadium and with the travealator as the finish line.

Soon it was time to go, the usual hay bales were first to take us around a nice 180 turn. Then it was a short run with a couple of little hurdles and a wall before we hit the stadium climbs. Wow they were LONG. But also fun, I love football so running around a stadium is pretty cool to me.

After that we went off to the Athletics Track for a lap with the steeplechase included. I thought it would be about ankle deep, turns out its much deeper, check out the video for me stacking it!

Before long we came to the first canal crossing. Can’t say I was thrilled about it but I was going to do it and I did. Both of them! The lazy river was definitely that as we had to walk it as it was too shallow to glide down! But even though we were walking we had to have a life jacket on…. yet for the canal crossing into water that was 3m deep we didn’t need one … logic anyone?

Overall it was a good course, quite a lot around the stadium for spectators to see, or try and guess where they would see you as there was no map as usual. A bit of sightseeing around the home of British cycling and out into manchester parks and then it was back into the area around the stadium to finish.

In my opinion it was a good course, plenty of obstacles, lots of road running. Overall I was pleased 🙂 Check out the video to get a feel for what it was like to run it!


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