When everything’s going against you…

I wrote about how difficult Marathon training had been so far the other week. Since then I got my head in gear and decided I was going to do it! But then life hasn’t been in my favour. January and the start of February was spent revising Maths for my Numeracy QTS Skills Test which was essential for me to pass in order for me to go to uni in September. So needless to say when opportunities arose I had to revise rather than run at times. It paid off and I passed on Monday. The plan was that this week was going to be a ‘on it’ marathon training week. And then on Monday I also got struck down with the virus my son has had. Body aches like the flu, high temperatures, sore throat, cough, headache – basically the lot. Its Wednesday and I am still feeling no better 😦 So this weeks training has gone out the window.

I am really starting to doubt the marathon now. I should be comfortably at 16 miles and I’m not even at 13 yet! The plan was that this marathon was going to be ‘the’ marathon. My last chance for a while to target that 5:30 goal that I have been desperate to hit for years. But a big part of me feels if that isn’t possible that I don’t love running enough to push through and do it anyway. I didn’t want to do it in the first place but I saw it through as I felt it was that one last chance. But it wasn’t because I was already running regularly. I wasn’t, I was going to the gym loads and doing pole but not running.

Last night when lying in bed feeling like my head was going to explode I decided that the goal is to manage 14 next Monday and then the planned runs on Wednesday and Friday and see where I am at after that. And then I will make a final decision.

Have to admit it isn’t looking favourable at the moment!


One thought on “When everything’s going against you…

  1. Good luck with the 14 on Monday. If that goes well I’m sure you will be fine. I’m on 15 at the moment for Brighton, try not to worry about it (although easier said than done!) 😊

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