About Hayley

As you may have already guessed by the blog name I’m Hayley and I’m a 20 something young mum to two stunning boys, We live in West London/North Surrey. 

I have been blogging since 2009. Originally as a parenting blogger, we’ve attended some fantastic events run by various companies and enjoyed experiencing new and exciting products, all of which you can find in the archives. 

However I have now stepped back from the parent blog circuit and my blog has become more about my passion as a runner featuring race reports and training diaries from running.

In 2014 I took on my first Half marathon and the next day decided to take my brothers spot in Edinburgh Full Marathon 12 weeks later. Before I’d even run Edinburgh I had signed up for Brighton 2015. 

I begun blogging because I wanted to tackle the stereotype people have of young teenage parents and to show that we are not all the same, that many of us have drive and determination to succeed in life, we just do things a bit upside down! 

8 thoughts on “About Hayley

  1. Hi,I have just stumbled across your site and I have really enjoyed browsing through your stuff. I became a mother at 18 and I think it is ridiculous that we are seen as ‘bad mums’ just because of our age, also getting stereotyped for becoming a mother just for benefits – which is unbelievable! I started going to playgroups with my 9month old son recently, and at some places the older parents seem to stare at you and you know exactly what they are thinking. I love writing and I’d love to blog and write articles! I’m on my first year of doing an English Lang & Lit degree with the OU. I think what you have achieved with your website is amazing – you must be very proud! How did you come about doing your own site? Kate 🙂

  2. just reading a bit about you! i have so much respect for teenage mams! I work with ‘disaffected’ youths part time in an education project. xx

  3. I’ve been reading on here for a while, and just wanted to say thanks!

    So many things you say are an inspiration or support what I feel. I am a teenage mum, I became one a week after my 16th birthday, and although I wouldn’t encourage anyone to do it, it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me! I sat my GCSE’s with a daughter in hospital with Whooping cough, which was the hardest thing I’ve ever done! But I hate the looks that I get, and they don’t get any easier as bubba gets older!

    Love Elle xx

  4. Love that I have found someone else standing up for young mums!! Had my son at 13!! He’s now 17 and has turned out to be a lovely, handsome, polite respectful young man!! I still get judged 17 years on …. Even though I’m in a well paid job, have a degree and have never relied anyone else!!

    AND I love running ….. So can’t wait to read your blog xx

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