Review: Inov8 X-Talon 212

As a frequent OCR runner there is nothing I love more than trail shoes. Especially good trail shoes. The type that grip mud really well so that I don’t spend my race looking like bambi on an ice rink!

inov8 are incredibly popular amongst OCR circles so when I was asked if I would like to review a pair from Millet Sports I was thrilled! They stock a wide range of inov8 shoes and I was lucky enough to be sent the X-Talon 200’s which are so incredibly cute in their black, yellow and red design.

In typical summer weather my usual trail route by the river has been perfectly dry and so testing them hasn’t exactly been extreme! But so far they are living up to the comfort stakes and will be getting packed to be worn at Spartan next weekend! Its weather I wear them for the Sprint or the Super?! Decisions!

With 68 pairs of inov8 shoes available as well as a range of trail shoes exceeding 200 different types millet sports is definitely the website to check out when you are looking for a new pair of trail shoes!

Delivery is free over £50 and returns are possible within 21 days if the items are unused and in original packaging. For me a returns policy on shoes I’m purchasing online is one of the most important factors I consider when I am looking to buy online so their policy would definitely encourage me to purchase from them in future. Generally the prices all seem to be competitive with other leading websites and delivery was prompt.

Overall I have been very impressed with the service from Millet Sports, they were not a website I had heard of previously but they are definitely one I will be returning to when I have worn out my current running shoes and trail shoes!


Disclosure: Item received in exchange for review.

Dropped a dress size!

For as long as I can remember ive always been a 14. Even between having my boys I never truly got to a size 12. There was the odd occasion a 12 fitted me but they were usually BIG 12s. But now I am a 12. The other day I tried one of my 14 dresses on and it looked ridiculous. Too big and baggy around the boobs. And believe me im not conplaining! Today I put on one of my favourite next tops and realised again how huge it was around my chest. Clearly thats one of the places ive lost weight! Although I hadnt really realised. Ive noticed my bras are tending to be on the big side. And sadly there wasnt much there before so its not ideal lol! But its all progress to the right direction.

After I had my youngest I was wearing size 16s alot of the time. I had to buy a pair of size 16 jeans just so I could wear jeans and not live in leggings.

Im by no means at my target weight. I still have just under 2 stone to go to get there. But im pleased that ive already lost 2 stone. Im halfway there.

Left: June 2013. Middle: August 2013. Right: June 2014

I couldn’t tell you exactly what my weight is in those first two pics but I know its over 13st. On the right im 11st 5lbs. Its all little steps in the right direction and not through dieting which is what I am most proud of.

Thinking slimmer has changed the way I look at food. If im not hungry I no longer eat for the sake of eating. I am walking past those chocolate bars at the checkout and able to resist the boys chocolate treats and not scoff them myself as I would have done in the past. And the biggest thing for me is I am enjoying salad. Ive never eaten so much salad in my life as I am now. And im eating it because I like it not because I feel I should.

Mutu has taught me I can squeeze core workouts into my day in little snippets. I can fit in exercises other than just running. Exercises that are helping me to tone up more.

Gradually slowly but surely I will lose this weight and keep it off. Its been a long time coming snd I am so glad I am finally seeing progress!

Mutu System + Thinking Slimmer – Week 6

Ok so week 6 is late, again, I’m getting good at doing this aren’t I?! In my defence my heads are very much in the books at the moment. I have 20 days to a psychology exam and feel I’m starting a total fresh on some of the information I need to remember so I’m revising every spare moment I get! However the nice part has been exercise is a ‘break’ from revision so I get to do an hour or so revising and than I have a break and do my Mutu workout, go for a run, hula hoop or play with kettlebells. Some of my fellow students find it nuts that exercise is my break but it really is for me! I enjoy exercising and I never thought I’d see the day I said that.

Weight wise I saw another lb drop off this week, which is strange again because I haven’t done anything differently that I haven’t been doing for the past 6 weeks anyway.

And the biggest thing. I have been able to put on 3 different pairs of size 12 trousers and THEY FIT! I can’t quite believe it and I’m not sure I’ll go trying on 12s in shops yet because I still can’t quite believe it. Like really can’t believe it. I’ve never been a 12. EVER! It feels really weird. I pulled them up thinking theres no way they are going to do up…. and they did! I was gobsmacked. Its a very strange feeling.

My relationship with my body is still love/hate. Today I got up and looked at my reflection and really liked it. But yesterday I hated it and couldnt stand what I saw, felt I was worthless and not worthy of anyone being attracted to me. Its a frustrating mind game sometimes.

Im still enjoying the Mutu workouts. I especially love the Mutu Core as I can fit it into my day so easily. I managed all my intensive workouts this week too although it took some juggling and a couple got split into two during revision but at least I did them.

I’m still listening to my slimpods daily and making notes of my daily positive changes. But I’ll have to change my goals now! One of my goals has been to fit into size 12 trousers…. and I’m there now …. I can’t ever imagine fitting into a 10. But maybe I should make that a goal. I don’t know. Thoughts?

Mutu System + Thinking Slimmer : Week 5

Ok so week 5 has come a bit later than it should have done. I had a bit of a wobble week. Emotionally I was in a bit of a bad place over a few things and although my eating didn’t go off track the exercise did. So I decided to write it off and start a fresh.

So how has week 5 gone? I’ve refocused and managed to do Mutu Core every day. I haven’t managed all of my intensive workouts but thats partly been due to listening to my body and being sensible. With the marathon 25 days away I can’t risk injury, my calf is still tight and I can’t push it too hard. I’ve tried to space out the repeat circuits so rather than doing it 3 x over I’ve tried to do it morning, lunch and evening instead. However a chat on twitter with Mutu reassured me to not to feel pressured which made me feel a ton better.

In terms of eating obviously easter occurred, which meant that I was allowed chocolate again. It was quite scary knowing I was free to eat as much as I wanted but I actually didn’t eat that much in the end. And since then I’ve been pretty disciplined. I still have 4 easter eggs sitting there unopened which is pretty epic for me. I tried to tell myself choc only 1 day a week but it hasn’t worked that well. I’m not great at denying myself things!

However this big news this week was that I lost 3lb suddenly. I’ve been stuck at the same weight for 4 months. Although my body has changed a lot the scales haven’t. So I was shocked  when having done nothing different this week I had dropped 3lb. And it stayed that way for 3 days consistently so I’ve started to believe it now!

Now onwards and upwards to Week 6!

Mutu System + Thinking Slimmer : Week 4

So week 4, this weeks been a mixed week for me emotionally. I’m stressing about an assignment and have been stressing about marathon training. Physically my niggles have somewhat settled down.

In terms of my thinking slimmer I’ve continued to listen to my slimpod at night as I drift off to sleep and I’m still seeing the differences. I’m leaving food on my plate and turning down the offering of snacks. I even managed a trip to costa without having something to eat. The snacks I am having are much healthier. Its also helped me accept my body a bit more, accept it for what it is and not focus on an ‘ideal’ weight so much.

Mutu core has as always been easy to fit in. A quick 10 minute round isn’t hard to do. I’ve cracked the exercises off by heart now so don’t have to turn on the video. I’ve been doing one set in the mornings, albeit with a 2 year old climbing all over me, and one set in the evenings once the kids are in bed. Marathon training has been a bit all over the place and I’ve decided the most sensible thing to do is going to be to not do intensive on run days. I need to be careful not to push myself too hard so days I’ve run its stupid to push harder so I’ve been fitting it in on my ‘rest’ days from running.

I’m noticing my core does feel stronger. I don’t know if theres any change in inches. I know there isn’t on the scales. But I feel happier in myself. So I’m happy about that.